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Last few years has appears to the Hellenic market some people that as they says, represent companies of North Europe, which rebuild automatic transmissions. These people turns around all Hellenic area offering to mechanics and car owners rebuild transmissions in very low and attractive prices. Many of the people who buy from them transmissions and they had problems immediately or after some hundred miles, when they try to contact with the company or the seller found the telephone closed and of course they lost their money.
I wish to please the mechanics and car owners who have buy these “rebuild transmissions” or used ones from European junk yards and has problems to call them who sale the product to solve its problems.

Please do not

Call us to solve problems that occur from these “transmissions”. Our obligation is to serve our customers who trust us and gave us the job. We cannot help all these crooks which the only mission they have is to fill up their pockets. Yes we know that these we said sounds hard , but last months the problem has been explored and we cannot spend our time on telephones every day trying to solve problems on transmission that they replaced and no one takes any warranty responsibility for it, saying that all these are drivers or installer faults. So please do not misunderstand our place.


If you own a new car and during the warranty a transmission problem occurs, bring the car to the dealer and told them the problem. If they ask you to let the car for further inspection, take the work order or a copy where they will report exactly the reason you let the car. This is the only way to secure your rights, if by the end of the warranty the same problem will comes back. You will have written proves that the transmission problem had started it before the end of the warranty and never fixed. Do not hear the excuses they will told you, insist to get the work order or a written description on the service book with signature and stamp.


If you have any question please send an e-mail
with subject “Question” to: asteros@otenet.gr

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