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All our rebuild transmissions are covered by Limited Warranty of 90 days


The Warranty for the parts are effect only for what we sold and or place into the rebuild transmission and not for the entire gearbox or for parts that at the time of repair was judged functional. All the parts are new (except if we deal for used) products of the best transmission factories. If and when a part or parts that we sold are non functional we have to have replaced it in a 20 days period from the day of diagnosis.


We guarantee that all the work that has been realized on the box became according to the terms and the directives of each one transmission manufacturer, as well as the existing improvements where they are available in Greece at the day of repair.


The Warranty for the work covers the labor cost of the rebuild at our shop, and only there. We remunerate for on bench work and these are only recognized. The Warranty is recognized and only has power if no one of the following reasons has not happened .When a transmission will be recognized as warranty, has to send it to our shop to be opened by us, and only by us. In NO absolutely NO case, opened gear box, become acceptable as Warranty. Every repaired box carries a small plate with the date/month/year of the rebuild. Abstraction with any way of plate from the box it renders impossible the application of Warranty.


  1. Expense of any person's labor for remove or reinstall transmission, oils, road service subscriptions, renting of car, of towage.
  2. Damage of pump or torque converter from bad installation.
  3. Wrong transmission oil filling, wrong type of ATF, or drive with low level.
  4. Any change that affect engine power, and computer chipping.
  5. Any damage from engine overheating, cooler blockage, hose leaking or bend, oil pan bending.
  6. Any damage from the installer that he will not reflush, adjust, relearn, or erase the TCM.
  7. Gear spiders breakage from wheel spinning or overload.
  8. Broken or bend flywheel.
  9. Damage on car electronics like TCM, ECM, TPS, ABS, Speedometer


From the above we except the paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 6, if the rebuild transmission has been removed and installed to the garage we collaborate.


All electronic control units must be checked with Scanner to clear all previous store codes and to be sure that all other engine electronics works perfect, like, TPS, MAP sensor, ISC, ABS, e.t.c All the above electronics sends signals to the transmission computer, if one of these send wrong or no signal the transmission does not perform normal, loose power, no up shift, sleeps, binds up and is very possible to be burned. In these cases the Warranty will not be effect. Must be checking the oil level at regular periodsι.


Any help that can be given by us is given by phone and does not exist any obligation for test drive, adjustments on the car, or any other work on the car. These kinds of jobs are exclusive responsibility of repair shops that should be have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to work on vehicle equipped with automatic transmission.


Customer obligation is to use the Car or Truck according to the directions of manufacturer.

If any kind of problem or glitch occurs the vehicle must be STOPPED immediately and be towed by wrecker or any kind of road service assistance to the repair shop. Driving with problem you will grow up the damage and the WARRANTY WILL NOT EFFECT. Before any repair take place you have to take cognizance of the Warranty to avoid any misunderstanding.


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