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Transmission Types

You will find on the Hellenic market many cars with various types of automatic transmissions. Following we try to give a view of what it is all of these you hear and look at the dealers.


Classic Automatic Transmission (Stepped Automatic Transmission)
These are the most common transmissions found on every car manufacturer. Consists a various number of wet clutches, planetary packs, torque converter. Varies on the number of gears from 2 to 8 and 9 recently. These are the easiest transmissions for repair as many after market companies’ products parts for these.

M.A.T. (Manual Automate Transmission or Clutch less Transmission)
This is a classic Manual Transmission of 5 or 6 speeds with dry clutch, converted to automatic with the help of a system that controls the clutch pedal apply and the gear shift selection . Are known for late shift changes and many problems on the shift system that cannot be repaired, only to replace with expensive new one.

Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG 6 & 7 S Tronic)
This is a half mechanic and half automatic gear box that consist of a dual wet clutch to control the shift gear engagement. Has two main shafts that each one carries a number of odd and even gears. 1-3-5-R in one and 2-4-6 on the other. One of the clutch controls the first shaft and the other the second. When it shift the 1st gear the 2nd is already engaged and when it is time the box to shift on the next gear only has to disengage the first clutch and to engage the second . The same happens on next shifts. Most of the problems that are known has to do with hard noise of the gear shift synchronizations (DSG 6). And TCM control module on DSG 7 (S Tronic) .Slowly has appeared on the aftermarket parts for the repair of these type of transmissions.

Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG 7)
The way that works is the same as the DSG 6 with the exception of one more gear, 7th and instead of wet dual clutch it has a dual dry.
The known problem as far as we know has to do with the hard accelerations, if you are quick driver ,avoid the red light quick accelerations, the clutch will starts slip badly. Very few aftermarket parts are available at this time.

Continues Variable Transmission (CVT).
This type of transmission consist of two conical steel pulleys connected with a steel belt, that varies the ratio between them when the car accelerates. The gear ratios are infinite. Many of them has the option of 6 or 7 gear changing with the help of the TCM.
There are enough aftermarket parts for a full repair but not for all types.

Hybrid - Electric
The battle has started. Many of the Hybrids use a gas or diesel engines with CVT transmission in conjunction of an electric motor. The new technology runs to find out the best way to make these to work without problems. They are at the beginning of the battle.
The problem with electrics are that needs power to charge the batteries and the consumption of electric power they needs, products more pollution if they use a regular gas engine for the same distance. Time will saw what will be the future.

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