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After the many problems that occurred during the diagnosis or the installation of an automatic transmission, from various mechanics, because they did not pay the necessary attention that an automatic transmission needs, for these reasons and because we wanted to offer the best service to our customers, after long search and thought, we came on deal with this Garage:

Konstantinos (Kostas) Koubis - Emmanuel (Manolis) Stavrou
17 Anapafseos Str. Markopoulo Mesogeas 19003

Tel. 0030 22990 25749

There you will find Kostas, a very good technician - mechanic and Manolis, an excellent mechanic - diagnosian. Both have excellent knowledge of the job they do as they are always informed for the latest available information that comes on the Hellenic market. They have diagnostic testers for many car makers and are always update.

There you can do the following jobs:

To check your transmission if has any code and to repair it, if has any external problem.

To do a service at your transmission, like ATF change, filter change (where it could be changed).

To clean your cooling system with the use of cooler flusher, and soon with a special hot cooler cleaning system that has been ordered to the U.S.

To remove your transmission if it has problem and we will do a rebuild, always after we come on deal with you.

Of course to do any other job that may be needs your car at the same time we rebuild your transmission saving time and money as your car will stay at shop few days.

Always you can go to the Garage that you prefer and you trust it for the repair.

We will supply with all parts you need it or we will take the transmission for rebuild

Front View
Rear view and lifts
Working bench
Front end alignment
Lift on the front section
Rear closed parking area

If you have any question please send an e-mail
with subject “Question” to: asteros@otenet.gr



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