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Every body has heard for the cars that have Automatic Transmission, and all that are said round these. That supposedly they are not repaired when they brake down, that it should replaced with new, that they have expensive parts, and many others. All these are lies that are said by some bodies that have ignorance for the operation of an automatic and fear for something new, which was almost unknown in Greece few years ago.

Up to recently the repair of an automatic transmission was immediately made dependent from the Manufacturer of the Car. Not today. The times changed.

With the speed of transferred information’s and the enter of new independent Companies in the manufacture and sale of parts for automatics, all transmissions henceforth could be repaired fast, economically, and guaranteed, with parts equal and in most cases better than they had originally.

When damage occurs, usually there is no reason to replace the transmission. Many of these damages could be repaired with a very small cost (always in compare with the cost of replacement with new). Also many times these “new” transmission is a Remanufacture transmission, but you will pay it for brand-new. In very few times you will hear the truth “This is a remanufacture transmission”.

Special attention must be given when they offer you “Rebuild transmission” at very attractive prices, sometimes lower than the cost of a regular overhaul and they insist that is a good deal for you. These transmissions have been opened, cleaned and replaced only the specific damaged parts, not all soft parts that are necessary on a correct overhaul. So you pay for a “Rebuild transmission” the same time that you can rebuild your own for same price or less and you know what you have.

Another offer that they will give you is the used one. Two or three out of ten used transmissions works good for long time. Three or four out of ten works for a short period, the other not at all in few days. Think a little, which one you will buy? It is a bet that will cost you double if will not win.

Many times you will hear from your Service or Dealer that this transmission is non repairable or is a “black box” or “sealed box”. Every one has his own title. Do not believe them. If you own an automatic car and run out of transmission, take it to your Service. If they told you one of the above, ask them to open and to point you the damage. (Easy you can see the damaged parts). We can supply with all parts you will need to rebuild your transmission. If they cannot or do not want , give them my telephone number, or you call me.

Take up your mind that is very important for the normal operation of your automatic transmission that the mechanic has to have the knowledge and the ability to do a correct diagnosis and service on your transmission. So choose a correct one.

The new technology of automatic transmissions could not leave out the lovers of the manual gear change. The newest automatics has this ability .You can change gears up and down almost at engine red line rev limits. Can do this by pushing the shifter up-down, left - right, or from the steering wheel with push buttons. They have 4, 5, 6, 7 and recently 8 and 9 speeds.

Some of the manufacturer starts using Continuous Variable Transmissions (CVT, CTX, ECVT, MULTITRONIC) on cars with 1600cc motors and up. Usually these transmissions were found in small cars with small engines, now you will found it on many 4x4s as these transmissions has the ability to manually change gears with the use of new electronic technology.

But as I said the new technology runs with the light speed and the experts believe that that automatics will prevail, for this reason very few transmission manufacturing companies will stay in the market. If you have not drive an automatic car, drive one, dare it, and you will find out the pleasure and the comfort in city driving conditions and not only.

George K. Asteros