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The first common question of the drivers:

- “Does the automatic transmission need maintenance? Nobody told me until now!“


All the new cars come with the maintenance book, there you will see that the transmission are filled with lifetime ATF and does not need change under normal driving conditions but marked with an asterisk. If you look at the bottom of the page you will see a note that explains the exceptions which are: Heavy driving conditions, heavy load, trailer pulling, etc. Under these conditions they suggest to change the ATF at a number of kilometers which vary between the manufacturers. But no one explains the meaning of “normal driving conditions”.

From our rebuilding experience we suggest to all drivers who drives automatic, to change the ATF every 30-40000 km, or every two years, which comes first. The heavy traffic and high temperatures acts badly on the ATFs life. Note that there are not exists in Greece transmission fluid exchangers ,so when you will change the oil only the half amount will drain, the other half stays into the transmission.

The second drivers question:

- "I do all the regular services to the dealer where I bought the car, they should have change the transmission ATF fluid"

NO THEY DO NOT, because they think that is for lifetime. Sometimes they do not check even the AT Fluid level. And when a problem occurs usually after the warranty expires, you have to pay for a rebuild because the transmission runs out of AT Fluid. A lot of the above cases have happen. My suggestion is to insist to the AT Fluid replacement or at least to check the fluid level on every service you do.
If they refuse or you think that they lie, find another shop.

You must be sure that the shop can do the job and knows about automatics. Some details like: AT Fluid type, AT Fluid quality, fluid level, cooler flow are very important for transmission life.


Always read the drivers manual that comes with a new car for the transmission usage.

Always drive with one foot (right). If you use and the left for braking, probably you brake the car at the same time you still give gas. On that way you will soon burn the transmission.

Do not shift to Neutral at red light stop. Only if you are stopped for long time at traffic and more than 5-10 minutes do it. Usually when green lit you will shift to Drive at the same time you hit the gas pedal and a bang jump will occur. How long you think the transmission will last?

In the morning leave the engine to run one - two minutes before you shift to gear.

Every time you shift to gear from Neutral ( N ) to Drive ( D ) or Neutral ( N ) to Reverse ( R ) the car mast be completely stopped.

Always stop completely the car and shift to Park ( P ).

When you park the car, first apply the hand brake and then shift to Park ( P ).

Never raise up the engine RPM and shift to gear
before the RPM drops to idle.

You have to know that the correct running of your engine is very important for the transmission too, as the engine (ECM) and transmission (TCM) computers are directly connected and works together.

Always check the ATF oil level from time to time. Although the transmissions fills up with 5 - 12 liters of ATF oil depended on the size of the transmission, in fact it works with the fluid that exists in to the oil pan, that means 2 - 4 liters. All the other are split into the transmission, cooler or converter. So if a liter is missing we have 20-40% less working fluid, and the result will be, overheating, slip, check light lit, burned clutches = Repair.

The first common damages on an automatic transmission begins from:

A) Low AT Fluid level & bad quality
B) No AT Fluid change for long time, no change at all, plugged filter
C) Overheating from blocked cooler
D) Driving with transmission - engine warning lamp on

On all cars or trucks 4X4 or SUVs or AWD , you have to check the tires for equal wear from time to time as the unequal wear may be engage the 4 wheel drive system on high speeds, binds up on cornering or when runs on reverse. All the above may will affect your transmission.


If you have any question please send an e-mail
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