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In our shop we rebuild any type of automatic transmission found on cars, light trucks, and 4x4s of all European, American, and Japanese manufactures.

All the work becomes above the bench. That is to say it does not exist the ability to remove the transmission from the car, this job take place to the garage you service your car. Only when this garage does not have the knowledge or the ability to remove the transmission from your car, we can recommend you one of the garages that collaborate with us and have the ability to do this job with no problem. When the transmission comes to our shop we disassembly all and inspects carefully all the parts. We write down all the needed parts for replacement, take out the total cost of the rebuild and inform the customer for it.

When the customer take the decision to rebuild the unit, we clean all the parts carefully, discard all the old gaskets, seals, rings, o rings, rubber seals, filters, and any other part that we have agree to replace. Also we drain the torque converter for inspection and do checks to all the electric valves for normal operation. The valve body are cleaned and inspected very carefully for all valve free operation.

Then and only then we start to assembly the unit according to the directions of transmission manufacturer, with all the newest tips and improves that are known at the time of rebuild in Greece.
When the transmission is finished we put on it by rivet a small aluminum plate* with the day/month/year of the rebuild that constitutes the certification that the transmission was repaired by us as well the beginning of warranty. Limited Warranty covers all our rebuild transmissions and parts.
(*) Destroy of the metal plate will make impossible the application of the Warranty.

If for any reason the customer does not wish to rebuild the transmission he brought us for rebuild and we have disassembly , we return the transmission as it is ( disassembled in parts ) with no any labor charge. There is no any way to reassembly the transmission as it was before.


If you have any question please send an e-mail
with subject “Question” to: asteros@otenet.gr

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